About the Mac Accessibility Hub

Welcome to the Mac Accessibility hub. Download links can be found here to applications and scripts that enhance the accessibility of the mac.


Who made these applications/scripts?

Members of the Mac OS blind community, mostly. However, regardless of the source for your software, you should always insure that you get it from somewhere you trust.

Can I submit an application/script to be posted here?

Sure. Anyone is welcome to submit their own applications/scripts, or applications/scripts created by others given their permission. Simply submit them through the contact form and they shall be reviewed and added.

Will unsupported/incompatible applications/scripts be posted here?

Compatibility, in this case, is defined as the most recent major Mac OS version, plus the 2 previous ones. Unsupported applications/scripts will be posted, so long as they remain within the scope of compatibility. Once they do not, their entries will be removed. The compatibility range is subject to change should the need arise.


The Mac Accesibility hub was authored by Aaron Hewitt. A huge thank you to everyone who provided links to resources and information about compatibility and status.